Stable Build that works out of the box with Xamarin?

I am wondering if anyone is currently developing with monogame using Xamarin Studio on a Mac.

If so,

  1. What version of Xamarin Studio are you using?
  2. What version of Mono are you using?
  3. What version of MonoGame are you using?
  4. Are you using anything else to get it to work cleanly out of the box?



I am using:

  1. Xamarin Studio 6.0 (build 5174)
  2. Mono version 4.4.0
  3. MonoGame version
  4. I installed the mpack for Xamarin Studio 6 to have MonoGame templates.
    Can be found here

Everything worked out of the box except the templates, which I did #4 to get.

This is back to not working if you let Xamarin Studio upgrade to version 6.0.1 (build 8). It uses MonoDevelop 6.0.1, which is incompatible with the alpha .mpack in the addins (requires 6.0.0).

Thanks for the response Iszla.

Do you happen to have the install file for Xamarin Studio build 5174? Seems that Xamarin only dishes out specific releases upon request. I have requested the install file, but they don’t tend to respond to “non paid” users in a timely manner, if at all.
If you still have that install file, would you mind sending it to me?


I don’t have the install file left, and I believe that it was an online installer anyway.

Looks like you can get version 5.10 from MonoDevelop’s website.

There are instructions in various places on how to downgrade and get back to a working XS on Mac for MonoGame.

This Xamarin Form page has the release notes for 6.0 and includes links to downgrading XS:

This lead me to this knowledge base article:

I also went through the steps of uninstalling XS first, by downloading the script at the end of the mac section from this page:

That script does not remove the MonoGame framework pieces. So if you have installed a development version or done your own hacking already (as I had), then also remove the MonoGame framework (see steps below). At this point, I did a fresh install of the Cycle 6 latest version from the download Xamarin page:

Click on the “here” link in the tan box for Cycle 6. This will give you download options for the 5 MacOS Xamarin components. The steps I performed were:

  1. Uninstall XS, in terminal execute: ./
  2. (optional?) Remove MonoGame install, in terminal execute: sudo rm -rf /Library/Frameworks/MonoGame.framework
  3. Open downloaded XamarinStudio-
  4. Drag Xamarin to Applications
  5. Execute downloaded MonoFramework-MDK-
  6. Execute downloaded xamarin.mac-
  7. Execute downloaded xamarin.ios-
  8. Execute downloaded
  9. Execute downloaded MonoGame.pkg for 3.5.1 macos (I right-clicked and open with installer to get option to install unsigned)

When you startup XS, it is going to want to upgrade (when it finishes downloading later version). Uncheck all the install checkboxes and tell it to stop autochecking for updates. You don’t want to move to 6.0.1 until MonoGame can catch up. This got me back to a working state on the Mac at least.

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Thanks for this Kenneth!

Works perfectly, I really appreciate the links and steps to reproduce that was really helpful.

Hopefully others will find this post useful, should be Pin worthy

I’m seeing theses errors when trying to render a 3d Model. I instantiate the Model up top, and then I can’t reference it anywhere. Do you see something similar? I’m curious why MonoGame.Framework under References is throwing an error as well.

The red x’s under references are there for me, but it builds and runs fine. I do not have a model in my test project currently. I did start with a model, which did work for the Mac before the XS 6.0 drop. I removed it because the texture it was using wasn’t liked by the iOS version. I did have problems with the Pipeline tool running, so you might open your .mgcb and build it there to be sure it is fine. I had a situation where the build was not reporting an error, but the error showed when I built using the Pipeline GUI directly. That could be me being a MG newbie. :slightly_smiling: