TextureImporter error - Mac OS Monterey 12.6

This is a little necro, but you are the goat, thanks this worked without any issues! You saved me from having to buy a new windows laptop for my university!

Hi guys, I cannot seem to get this working.

I’m on an M1 mac as well. I haven’t tried to install FreeImage by hand or anything.
I have dotnet 6 arm installed, and I installed dotnet 6 x64 as well.
I can get the mgcb editor tool to open, but I cannot get it to build. The same error about FreeImage happens to me.

I explicitly tried to open the tool with the x64 version of dotnet, and I’ve tried running my game with the x86 version, like this

/usr/local/share/dotnet/x64/dotnet run           
/Users/chrishanna/Documents/Github/HelloMonoGame/HelloMonoGame/Game/Content/ai_hat.png : error : Importer 'TextureImporter' had unexpected failure! [/Users/chrishanna/Documents/Github/HelloMonoGame/HelloMonoGame/Game/Game.csproj]

What am I missing? Thank you so much!

Just wanted to chime in for the Rider users. You can find the setting at:
Settings > Build, Exectuion, Deployment > Toolset and Build.
Make sure to point to x64 version of dotnet as described in @hecaex post above.

p.s. first post. Hi!

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Thanks for your solution! I can fixed it

This solution did not work for me as the dotnet arm version was called on run too.

The solution was to install freeimage from brew and link the lib:
brew install freeimage
sudo ln -s /opt/homebrew/Cellar/freeimage/3.18.0/lib/libfreeimage.dylib /usr/local/lib/libfreeimage