The Future Of The MonoGame Community Forum Site

The goal is to move the forum to GitHub Discussions · Developer Collaboration & Communication Tool · GitHub

Only saw the link now, basically GitHub Project thing, I can feel some pain points in doing so but, it could mean more integration towards fixes being handled faster perhaps.

I was always against using DIscord, still am.

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Discord is great for more direct help but it’s not very searchable. Google often directs me here for answers to questions I’ve had, or even things I’ve written over the past 7 years or so. If the GitHub discussions offers that same thing though, works for me!

I’ve been keeping an eye out for when we’re supposed to start paying attention to another place instead of here, bit it looks like that hasn’t happened yet. I agree with @MrValentine in that hopefully there’s some kind of announcement telling us when stuff and things are happening :slight_smile:


Ya, the issue is we have new members joining here not realising it is going away eventually… and instead of asking questions on Discord, they start new threads here, which when the move actually occurs, they will be lost and probably put off.

Having a forum on the discord was an awful move but I guess it can be a middle ground because unless it can also be archived, it feels like an awful thing to even utilise, as once discord has an issue, well, all that discussion goes away with it.

Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing the new thing take form. :sake:

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Godot uses Discord for its forums and it is not nearly as nice as a regular forum. This is because Discord is nothing more than a text-messaging board. As a result, one cannot easily research issues by going through a collection of postings.

Though many do in fact put up links that one can refer to, such links disappear quickly enough as new people add to a channel…

I tried discord for a few days now and I can say that is not that good. I get many times lost in it and trying to find and track things is quite hard. :slight_smile:
I’ve been trying to follow up many conversations but I ended up giving up


Hopefully the GitHub Discussions is less confusing.

Discord is way more active and it’s not even close. And that’s in every dev community that I’m in. Does suck for archiving though. Would be worth doing more of a community effort to write good docs.

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Anything with ordered threads rather than a free for all would be great.

A chat channel, all the op info gets lost in the chatter.

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I believe that reformatting the forums starting at the top-most level with the MonoGame Version would be the best way to go with the current forum data. This is because many issues correspond to a specific version of the software.

Currently, the mixed up way things are discussed in the current forums makes research very difficult.

In addition, aside from issues, the forums should also have sections that provide articles on the version of MonoGame as well as third-party tools on a per version basis since many times such software is compiled against a specific version of the MonoGame software…

This is what the GitHub Discussions solves I believe.