Tiled map maker with monogame

Hi all,
Does anyone know of a tutorial source, or could someone instruct me on how to draw a Tiled map using monogame extended with collisions included? I’ve found some articles out there which show how to initially draw it in game using the Tiled extended libraries, but I cant find any which go over collisions. Tiled is a wonderful tool with a beautiful interface and minute customizable details like customizable tile hitboxes, start/end points, etc. It just seems like a lot of the really useful tutorials/ articles for beginner monogame game devs have been deleted, and now only scraps remain. It would be lovely if someone out there actually knew how to used Tiled (lol), as I’ve been struggling with getting tile collisions working for the past 4 weeks (not just with Tiled but with other resources as well), and cant get anything working beyond a basic draw.
Thanks for any help y’all can give!

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The only tutorial I’m aware of that has Tiled collision with Monogame Extended is the following Udemy course. Wait until it’s $10, though definitely worth the $49 they’re asking for now. The three simple games that are built actually look like games and not like something slapped together in Paintbrush. I think the instructor Kyle Schaub is on these forums. He’s quite helpful on Udemy.


Some quick Tiled collision intros on Youtube (not Monogame based)

Here’s a link to the documentation for Monogame.Extended tiled (on the develop branch). Note that it is different to the docs on the extended website. It might be of some use to you. Another idea, if you say that articles have been deleted, try searching web.archive.org

Edit: Just realised there is a collision sample at the end of the documentation page, hopefully that will help you


I have exactly the same question as the original author but the last posted link on github is offline now :sob:

Anybody who has a copy of it or can find it somewhere?

Or anybody who has the example code for map collisions in monogame extended?

Thank you so much for the help!

Not on web archive website :sob:

I don’t use Monogame.Extended or know much of anything about it, but I was able to find what I think is the new link for the same doc:

Edit: Never mind, the person who last responded before you said that the docs he linked were different from the ones on the website. I didn’t see anything about collision on the page I linked. Sorry! =/

I emailed the maintainer of monogame.extended

For people wanting a great tutorial including code for making a simple RPG by using a Tiled map INCLUDING collisions code!!!