Twitch Plays Maze Burrow

Hello all,

Iโ€™m hosting a Twitch Plays for Maze Burrow, a Sokoban-inspired puzzle game Iโ€™m developing with MonoGame. You can join in and play the game directly through Twitch chat on my channel now:

This is a demo build consisting of the first 20 levels of the final game, which will be released later this year. I also wrote the Twitch bot running this stream, which anyone can use for free (free both as in freedom and price).

This was accomplished using vJoy, a virtual joystick for Windows, and feeding inputs to it through Twitch chat with the bot. SDL has vJoy in its controller database, and Maze Burrow reads its inputs using MonoGameโ€™s Joystick API. This technically means that every DesktopGL MonoGame project has Twitch Plays support out of the box; pretty neat!

I hope you all enjoy the stream!


Pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Btw: The game has a nice and calm atmosphere. I like it :thumbsup:

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