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Empty Keys UI v2.5 is out. There is new UniformGrid layout control, support for MaxLength on TextBox, auto scroll bar visibility support and more.

Release Notes: http://emptykeys.com/Community/aft/11/afpgj/3#2141
NuGets: http://www.nuget.org/profiles/EmptyKeys

It would be really beneficial to upload some screenshots of finished UIs and UI possibilities for Empty Keys

You can find list of supported features here http://emptykeys.com/ui_library .

We are about 2 months from first public dev version release, but I can show you feature finished UI. GFX and design will change a bit.


That’s some lovely UI goodness there.


UI v2.6 is out with UI Virtualization support for DataGrid and ListBox.

Release Notes: http://emptykeys.com/Community/aft/11/afpgj/3#2172
NuGets: http://www.nuget.org/profiles/EmptyKeys

This version is the same one, which I’m using in my game Children of the Galaxy. Game is using different render engine, but UI is pretty much universal for any engine so you can check out some pictures.

I see this thread is occasionally updated and bumped with new stuff, so I guess I’ll add my own UI lib to this list as well. :wink:

GeonBit.UI is a full UI system for MonoGame projects that comes with 2 default themes (both are old-school styles), and can be easily extended to create your own special styles. Here’s the git repo:

A quick demonstration video:

And installation tutorial:

If you want to discuss it there’s currently an open thread here GeonBit.UI: UI extension for MonoGame

Stumbled across this repository, unfortunately it looks like it’s not actively worked on.

Ive been a little hesitant to try empty keys as i understood the last time i looked its not open sourced.

For that reason im liking your geon bit ui. Though last time i think i tried it i had a bit of trouble getting it to work.

I used to use neoforce back in the xna times. But I don’t have time to fix it myself.
It was a good GUI (to me), with a lot of things done to be winforms like.

Shame this doesn’t build. Errors all over the shop. Also the skin should be more generic.

It builds perfectly for several people already, so its quite surprising. What kind of errors are you getting and on which os?

If I recall you were using Linux and couldn’t compile the effect so I added it to git? Or was it something else?


It’s really straightforward to get GeonBit.UI up and running. It’d be more useful if you show the errors you’re getting.

From what I’ve seen the theme system seems very flexible. What are you looking to do?

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It would be GREAT if GeonBit.UI had a proper installer. Heres why:

When people have to dig around going through all these steps to make something work, they quickly grow annoyed and give up. Frankly they have more important things to worry about - like making their game. I think most people wouldn’t even bother with trying to get a piece of software working if it doesn’t have an installer. Only a die hard few will try more than 5 minutes.

I appreciate GeonBit.UI is free and doesn’t owe me anything but I think its very important that a program should have a proper installation setup if its to be widely used.

That is not a very developer thing to say. So you think if someone wants to share something they’ve made they need to make sure it’s easy to install and flexible to use? I think that mindset would discourage a lot of people to share their code and strongly disagree.

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I would always avoid an installer if possible, and this is really simple

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Sorry but no way would I prefer not having an installer. This is crazy talk! For a start what if there is an update I need to apply…yuck!

As it is easy to use i don’t see why it would need an installer. As soon as it works as is and the use is simple why bother to compile create and upload an installer which may annoy developers if the installation fails no possibility to unpack the files with some of them and still do it manually.
Moreover if you need to add files to your project the installer becomes more complicated than doing it by hand.

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I take it you haven’t used Git a lot? :stuck_out_tongue:

The main reason I didn’t write an installer was because I wasn’t really sure how, since MG got so many platforms and ways to compile (DX vs OGL, windows vs desktop vs consoles, etc etc.). I simple wasn’t sure how to produce “one dll fits all” or whats the best way to manage multiple dlls for different platforms. Similar questions raise from content. I couldn’t find a good tutorial to lay it all down and explain how to write a proper cross-platform MonoGame lib installation. So I decided since its very few steps it might be best to just write them down. And it really takes less than 5 minutes to setup, as seen in the installation video.

I’m not leaning strongly to any side. I would prefer having both installer and manual instructions but as I said I wasn’t sure about the installer and didn’t want to deliver a broken one.

Anyway you mentioned errors and I’d still love to see them so I can fix it if there’s a problem.

If you need to apply update there are two cases - either you changed the source code, in which case you gonna have a bad time with or without an installer (might be easier without the installer tbh), or you didn’t change the source code, in which case the whole difference is between clicking “update” button somewhere, or dragging a folder (new package code) to override another (old package code). Doesn’t sound that bad…

In some cases you are right though, I wouldn’t want something like node.js or django to be manually installed… that would be a nightmare. But I do think in a lib the size of GeonBit.UI its really not that of an issue.

Learn to use NUGETs … problem solved.