Unsure with game art style

I don’t know in what art style should i make my game vector art(flat and simple) or pixel art, i’m better with vector art but decent with pixel art. the game is a top down medieval fantasy game(medieval is still unsure) and i have 0 exprience with monogame but a little bit of unity. do you think will like the vector art style?

While not answering the question, this may shed some light on the follow-up question,…

Vector-based grphics - is Monogame the way to go? - General - Community | MonoGame

But to give a response, show us two works to compare, do you have concept art to showcase? we cannot say yes or no without something to judge…

To really answer the question… Do what fits your art direction… if you need feedback, do ask away but please include something for us to give feedback on.

Not trying to sound harsh, just err, trying to get you to help us, help you :slight_smile: .

Hope that helps.

So i actullay found my vector art skill quite recently and i kinda want the game to turn into a big success to inspire more vector art games because i don’t see a lot in computer/console games and i only have a couple of items to show
those are my best two so far imo

To me it sounds like you want to take a vector art direction.

So I would encourage you to develop a proof of concept, a single level vision of how the game may look, and see if it feels right to you.

Ask for feedback, remember, feedback can be harsh, so take it as constructive feedback, if it does not feel like constructive criticism, ignore it entirely.

You can do a mock-up in your DTP app, but ideally you want to see it functioning in-engine, animated, moving, etc…

Hope that helps.

ok, thank you, this means a lot to me

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You can also always rasterize your svg to a png and use it as tradiaitional sprite work without having to use some vector or svg rendering library.

That is what i did in both of the examples below. Graphica were made in Inkscape and exported as png then loaded as a normal Texture2D

If you do it right you still get that vector art feel/asthetic




That was actually my plan, but thanks anyway. btw, really like your work

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There is nothing wrong with vector art, it is preferable for highly variably scaled images.

Just remember that games work with rasterized images and scaling. To balance fidelity and storage requirements, I would suggest no more than 2 baked rasterizations (most games use one, or a manually created second) images at varying sizes. A third is possible for 4K or needed as an in between.