Vertice/polygon Artifact (flickering)

Hi Community.

I’m sorry if this is not the best place to ask thes sort of questions, i just can’t seem to figure out where in the Monogame community i should place it.

Here it goes….

I have created a 3D game, and i have several models and it all work perfect (in general).
But, i have noticed small vertices (only some of them) flickering when Multisampling is on (only when multisampling is on).

It looks like Z-Fighting, but im pretty sure it isn’t! - I have tried to do several approaches to check for z-fighting, and vertex doubles, and it all came out negative :frowning:

Can anyone help me understanding what is going on?
Here is an image showing it:

And another model (same issue, not as visible as on the egg)

As mentioned, if i turn off Multisampling, it goes away immediately.

The model is exported from blender (using dae format), when i open the models in a model viewer i have, the issues doesn’t seem to be there.

Please if anyone can point me in the correct direction.

I would have guessed it maybe is vertex doubles… But you already checked that… Hmm But also you mentioned it disappears when multi sampling is off

What graphics card do you use? Maybe there are some settings for multi sampling for your graphics card, which you could try to change and see if that helps?

Hi Kwyrky. I have thought about what you are suggesting. I actually have another pc i can test it on, to see if its only on my pc. But even if it related to my pc (and my graphics card), i still suspect that its the monogame (if not me), that is doing something bad. - I have many games installed on pc, and i have never seen this issue in any game. My graphics adaptor is “Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB (Asus)”. Have anyone seen this too maybe? - And yes, i am 100% sure it isn’t vtx doubles.

Thanks for releasing me from the “Im alone in this monogame universe” feeling :slight_smile:

Not sure if OP is still even using MonoGame anymore, but this sounds an awful lot like the issue I’m experiencing, as described here. Except mine is a 2D project.