VSCode: Console.ReadKey Throws InvalidOperationException

Edit: my bad. Turns out the solution was to change VSCode to use externalConsole instead, as per this link.

Exception text:

Cannot read keys when either application does not have a console or when console input has been redirected. Try Console.Read.

This only happens when I run my game from VScode; when I run it from the cmdline, everything is fine. (This is on Linux.)

Context: I’m prototyping adding support for blind players to my game, so I read/write a lot from the console. One thing a couple of them commented on is that they expected to press keys, not have to press enter.

So I changed my REPL loop from Console.ReadLine() to Console.ReadKey() but I get this exception. I’m not sure why.

Even more strange, I’m 100% sure I tested this yesterday on the same machine, and it worked, and now it doesn’t.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated.