What made you choose MonoGame in the first place?

I got tired of all the different windows in Unity, and I’m not about to spend all day downloading and setting up Unreal; it’s overkill.

I wish I’d grown up in the '80s, before IDE’s and their “helpful” features. What’s wrong with making everything the same color? Why must it keep trying to write my code for me?

Lol. Are you serious? I mean sure, IDE’s are not perfect and they can get in your way at times but overall I think it’s a much improved experience. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from just writing your code in Notepad or something :slight_smile:

The short answers for me are:

  • It’s “just code”, and doesn’t require GUI editors like Unity / Godot.
  • Ability to support Xbox very easily via UWP, and also to eventually support PlayStation / Switch once I get to that point.
  • C# is an acceptable language (I didn’t know it before getting started with MonoGame, but it’s close enough to Java & C++ that switching was no problem.)
  • Knowing that a couple games that I particularly like & respect were made with MonoGame (Towerfall, Celeste).
  • MonoGame has been around for a while and is well-scoped enough that I trusted it’d be well-supported and not full of bugs. (Some engines try to do too much, with the effect that some parts work well and some parts are essentially unmaintained.)
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