Why is MG's memory consumption much higher than that of XNA?

The WP8 version of my game has a peak memory usage of 150 MB, while the XNA version only consumes up to 80 MB. What is causing this huge gap?

Wich is your game? Can you reproduce some of the aspects of the problem in a sample that we can test?
Don’t take me wrong but this is an open source project and as such either you help people help you or nobody will reply.

This is my game: Eyez - Spatial Puzzle Platformer

And I don’t think it has anything to do with my code… The XNA WP7 project and the MG WP8 project of my game share 99.99% of the code, and I am using the same content produced by the XNA content pipeline. But as I mentioned above, the XNA version has a peak memory usage of around 80 MB while the MG version can take up 150+ MB memory…

Hello did you ever figure out a solution for this probably. I’m having the same issue with my game (Memory consumption is nearly 2x that of XNA)

One thing I found when porting from XNA to MG was that my audio files weren’t getting compressed. My app used XACT extensively which supports ADPCM compression (4:1). MG doesn’t support this so the audio files end up uncompressed. With lots of audio this ballooned the install size and memory footprint of any in-memory audio.