Why Me

Question for the people on here though? why is it I seem to be the only person writing how too’s?
Nobody knew how to hide the cursor? nobody knew how to make ads work using Android or UWP, no-one knew how to do scroll bars on a PC? I thought this was a place for people to know shit? I just solved how to do independent screen resolution, works on every device, IOS, ANDROID, WIN UWP, all of them full screen, I asked here months ago and go zero help. Why do the “think I know” people write so much that never works, that haven’t released games or apps do all the talking? Open Platforms such as this are a good thing, Linux was a good thing until I looked at the source code (16000+ GOTO commands!!! DICKHEADS), If your gonna do open source, get it right? gamers want to do full screen, they want to show ads, they want to put them on the store (multimedia lib don’t work) do it right?
Always 15 ways of doing things, none of them fully explained, always go look it up? helpful? not.
Theres maybe 4 people on here that actually know what there doing, at lease 500 that don’t have a clue and are willing to spout BS that don’t work and never will, small snipits of code they copy and say try this… “WTF”, look me up, i’ll show you how to do anything i’ve posted, why don’t others? reason they don’t friggin know!
look it up. everyone want to go full screen game, all your get here is “fullscreen=true”, don’t work on 90% of androids and 60% of Windows Phones, What if you want to post AD’s in your game, lets face it you do? look that up? XAML, NO!
Particles, not here, shading, not here, even the most basic things here don’t work or if they do the examples are a joke!
Just do … “no includes, no using, no 100% here’s how i do it”!
Most people that use this site don’t know shit, it’s about time you guys actualy tell them stuff!

Hey man,

I don’t think you’re the only person who is writing how-too’s, or helping others out, but I’m sorry you’re having a bad time and feel like that. In a small community like this one seems to be, it can be hard to have an overlap between you asking for help on something and a person with that skill-set seeing your question. It’s unfortunate, but there it is.

I understand your perspective, I’ve been there myself. All I can advise is patience when you’re looking for help on something. Here’s an example of a problem I had and could not find a solution for. I was at my wits end and feeling frustrated, and then someone came to my rescue much later.

All you can really do is try to report information and what you’ve tried, then hope someone’s able to see it and has some insights. Then probably name your first born after them when they do… cough wait, maybe not :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: (Still many <3’s to KakCAT). Joking aside though, sometimes things don’t line up and that sucks, but there’s not much you can do other than to keep at it, try other things, and/or go in another direction.

Regarding those contributions you have made, I’m sure there are many who have found value in it and appreciate it. I’ve made several tutorials in the past but sometimes it can be hard to properly articulate what you want to say. Here’s an example…

I started out intending to turn this into a tutorial video on how to write MVC code and test it, but upon trying I got super bogged down in how long it was taking and in the end, just dumped a link to some code. Maybe I’ll revisit it, but I just couldn’t find the right way to express it.

That you can do so is great, keep it up! I think that’s awesome! Maybe just don’t think too unkindly of those who don’t have your same ability to do that. :slight_smile:

Anyway, as I said, it kinda sounds like you’re having a bad time. Hang in there and hopefully things look better tomorrow. They usually tend to do so :slight_smile:

Odd, I have always this site fairly responsive to my research questions. In fact, it is one of the better technical sites on the Internet.

I have offered a bit of documentation for people who want or need to implement databases into their game development projects as this is my area of expertise.

Though I imagine that developers of all ages are developing their favorite game projects and participate in this site, form what I have seen recently in observing the trends in the development field, most people who are into game development are part of the younger crowd who often do not have the experience to offer well documented answers as they are still in the learning stages themselves.

What I could suggest is that maybe those who have been providing well documented responses consider coming together to create a knowledge base that would allow for a more centralized approach to that of forums. Such a separate for of access would allow respondents to fill out standardized forms with the initial question, tags that would find the question in research, and area where the code provided could be inserted. This then would allow for a more consistent approach to technical questions that the community has without the need to go searching through a forum format, which often times can be rather erratic…


Sorry, had a bad day but if anyone still has any idea to kill the hardware cursor, plz let me know

When you say Kill, do you mean disable or just hide the cursor? you CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be disabling user hardware!


Just ignore inputs if you want to ignore them… but if touch screen, yeah you can’t… what exactly are you trying to perform? if we have an idea, we can help but vague requests, are ignored… which is probably why it got ignored… I often pop into questions to push for more detail as most questions don’t even fill in all the spaces…

Contrary from my experience most of my inquiries regarding MonoGame has been answered and helped by this community ^_^y

Hidng the mouse cursor just issue Game.IsMouseVisible to false; disabling pointing device from the entire operating system I have no idea :smiley:

Cheeers ^_^Y

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Sigh, yeah I had a rant to see what would happen, pretty much what I expected, Zero examples of how Too, DexterZ don’t bother my friend this is way over the standard “all you need to do is”, no it isn’t. ok Background on Me, Assembler programmer for 30 years, C/C++/68000/6502/6809/Pascal/Forth to name a few, I know when I here bull shit and I’ve written games before most of you were born. Windows is a bitch, so is Android and IOS isn’t much better, the only way to multi-platform is to high level language, I’m good with that, C# great way to go XAML Not so much, the overhead is too expensive,
Anyone on this site using Monogame via XAML, for a game? really? I’ve worked for a bunch of AAA companies and then I retired, 10 years later I came back and am trying to use this library to launch old product to a new market.
All I seem to get is copy / paste book bullshit that doesn’t work, you know it don’t work, most people on here don’t have a clue? They paste stuff but have no idea how it works?
Heres an example, Hardware mouse move, how?
UWP if the Mouse touches the top or bottom of the screen? up pops the start or navigation bar, even in full screen mode, so how do you stop that? look for posts, 99% won’t work.
Here’s how,
MouseDevice.GetForCurrentView().MouseMoved += MouseMovementEvent;
followed by
* Function Name : MouseMovementEvent
* Description : mouse event triggered everytime the mouse moves
* ******************************************************************************************/
private void MouseMovementEvent(MouseDevice sender,MouseEventArgs args)
position.X += args.MouseDelta.X;
position.Y += args.MouseDelta.Y;
There is nothing in or on this website that says this?
Basic mouse movement
You can use the standard response about “MouseEvent mouse……” etc won’t work in an UWP Program!
Soon as the mouse hits the title bar up comes the windows logo
I wrote this post expecting kick back and slaps, i got it, how about we stop slapping and stop posting stupid solutions that don’t work and actually help people?
Just a thought?
perhaps the writers of monogame can stop bullshitting us and do real world libs?

So, this thread is just spam, ok…


  • Ran into hassles with making Monogame work with WPF
  • Implemented Oculus Mobile for GearVR
  • Implemented GS/HS/DS stages and raw GLSL support

One of the big reasons why I’ve never said much of squat is that … everything I’ve done is basic. It’s just trite and puerile nonsense.

Another big reason is that I work on a local copy of Monogame and I gut the daylights out of it. Everything in the pipeline that is internal I’ve made public because ABSOLUTELY NONE OF IT SHOULD BE INTERNAL, that makes my life super easy to tie into the pipeline tool. I repeat the same with the main monogame sources, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SHOULD BE INTERNAL.

I can say little because I gut everything to make it usable.

Please rein in your arrogance. You’re not entitled to anyone’s help in here and with a tone like this you’re most likely not going to get it. Especially if you alienate the entire community with posts like this. MonoGame is a community-driven project, so we don’t have the means of AAA engines to provide help and documentation. Everyone contributing to the project and helping on this forum was in your situation at some point where they had to figure stuff out. Everyone is here on their own time and can spend it however they like without any obligations.

Here’s some pro tips for getting help on the forum:

  1. Be polite
  2. Be specific
  3. Be brief
  4. If you don’t get help still, don’t go on an angry rant
  5. Be polite

Sure i’ll do that soon as you post how too’s using your library, I’ve posted three complete examples on how to do stuff, you have posted links, they lead to nowhere don’t help anyone and basically a waste of time your the epidemy of a UNIX programmer full of shit with no answers that swears everything would be better if they just used UNIX!!
Pro tips, hmmm just do what the book says…… WRONG
be polite? why your library has bugs, heres an example (LINUX has 15000+ Goto Commands) how great is that? I’m polite when I talk to people who know what there doing, Most don’t, they tell me shit I’ve done 3 months ago you should have a ONLY GAME PEOPLE I HERE channel!! and no more DUH!
Brief: 99% of the time people say show me!
Don’t go on an ugly rant? tried being nice, you wrote back so it worked?
I’m one of those people that can’t stand stupid, I’ll teach anyone, I’ll show anyone, I’ll give anyone, I’ve shown people here how to do ads on android and windows and how to make scroll bars ala c64 and how to stop uwp capture events from happening via events, FULL how to do it, what you done?
Links that don’t work or don’t explain, little bits of info like a true UNIX programmer (I dealt with you kind) Say just enough but never solve the issue!
If you wanna help people and ACTUALLY want people to use MONOGAME fix it and tell people how to use it? I notice the Docs are still blank!

Look me up if you want to know stuff!

it’s sorted don’t worry

I wrote Uridium and Paredroid and AlleyCat so now you know my real name lets stop this shit

Why me? I do think you are right but only in that it is just you. Everyone on this site has been great for providing developers documentation on how to do something (maybe not monogame specific but a generalized “theory” write up). With your claimed programming experience, that is all you should need. Any competent programmer can read a class in another language and translate code/concepts/design to monogame. A good programmer can look at the github monogame framework and figure out what to do just from that. Anyways that is my two cents. Sorry you are having such a tough time with it, I hope your day gets better. Cheers.


Well here is a instancing example that works were i basically did hundreds of thousands of particles but other people have posted examples too. GL instanced shader problem.
I ussually post the working code in my posts so other people can try it for themselves.

But ya this is a open source project its not like its microsoft with big bucks behind it and tons of help.

Sorry you’re having a hard time bruh, I’d love to help but I don’t know anything about UWP :frowning: