Why we cannot use Joystick with DirectX project. Alternative ?

I tried to use the joystick class with DirectX but it’s impossible. I know that possible with openGL but I really want to use the performance of DirectX. There is a solution ?

Explain your setup and the devices you are trying to configure and your code.



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I want to do a prototype flight simulator so I need to use flightstick with directX

There are many posts on that device, have you searched for them yet? I remember seeing one in the past 8 months.


Yes but he uses openGL and want to use flightstick and not gamepad

Did you click the link?


Yeah but why this code work with GL project and not with window project:
JoystickState joystickState = Joystick.GetState(0);
if (joystickState.IsConnected)

Are you using 3.7 or 3.8DevB? try the other if not.

I use 3.7 I will try with prerealese3.8

I wish this forum had post footers, so I can point out I do not do OpenGL stuff.

I think DX supports a flight stick though… posted something on it recently.

Anyway, good luck.