13 Ronin, first public build, check it out

I’m happy to have reached my 1st big milestone for samurai retro fighter 13 RONIN. The milestone is having a game with enough content to be actually playable. It’s far from being finished, but for anyone interested in playing or building a retro fighter similiar to classics like The way of the exploding fist, IK+ and Barbarian it might be worth checking out my blog at www.eraserheadstudio.com where I write about the project, share code and executables.

Happy coding!


Cool! downloaded and play with it. but got a small screen size just like your GIF T_T how can I change the window size ?

Hi DexterZ,

Next release will feature full screen, but this release unfortunately only works with this tiny window. I had fullscreen working (I thought) but then I tried it on a different computer and got some really strange effects. I don’t know how much time it will take me to fix this, so I turned it off for this release.

Thanks for trying the game!


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Releasing a build is hard, good for you.

I promise more release will follow.