14/12 EDIT: Open project, still open! Consider joining..! (Now with pictures)

I think there should be a game like Diablo, except with a side-scroller viewing-angle.

Town on top, going down through random dungeons, or up and over mountains, dark caverns, and ancient lairs, using tiers of gear and spells etc. to kill masses of randomly spawning enemies for loot and xp.

  • Do you agree? You should help make it. The more of us working together, the faster we can play.

There are many aspects of the game suitable for compartmentalized collaboration:

Enemy classes, items, character design, spells and skills, menu systems, networking, overlays and interfaces, graphics, audio and so on…

I don’t intend to play leader, but I can promise to be a driving force / hard worker to get this done, if I can gather a party to do it with me.

I imagine us using git-hub, and months upon months of time.

Seriously imagine the glory, and sign up below.
Its dangerous to go alone!

This is me signing up in response to my own post, letting you know what I bring the table:

I am a level-maker, turned modder, turned programmer, and I have been a full-time hobbyist programmer for some years now… Coding experience with A*, all kinds of menu features, custom editors, basic 3d games, random content generation, and I have completed all sorts of 2d games.
I have solid familiarity with Gimp and FL_studio, and I can use things like blender for most things geometrical.

I have my C or B levels things like math, English, music, art,
I was a gunner on a leopard tank (though I’m quite diplomatic),
I was the DM in my D&D groups, and I have always been into castles and architecture, maps and geology, ruins and archeology, and ancient mythology and combat.

Hi @Monopalle, I’ve sent you a Pm.

@monopalle I’d love to help if I can find the time :slight_smile:

this is too late @Jjagg, the team is full now, I’m sorry.
just kidding hehe :smile_cat:

Well, that sounds awesome! I am already hard at work prototyping, and I can basically save load maps, and move the player around from room to room and layer to layer.

What level of involvement are you looking for?
-and what kind of work would you like to do? (art, code, management?)

Any contribution is welcome, here is your chance to have a big influence on the very foundations of the game, or tinker with some minor aspect :slight_smile:

-We can continue the discussions here, or you can PM me if you want…

UPDATE 14/12/16:

Hello anyone!
This project is still going on, 2 man strong.
The tile editor is coming along nicely, and we are starting to use Git to share content.
This means code is being exchanged in this project, we are moving forward as a team. [!] Hurra [!]

If you feel like being a part of this, or even just talking about it, contributing code, pictures, music, sounds, or ideas, feel free to drop numerous lines in this thread or PM me.

These pictures are screen grabs from the tile editor running test maps, and do NOT reflect the intended final outcome of the game or art style.
The Editor does multi-layered parallax scrolling and all that stuff, but these pictures show off only one layer depth, composed of multiple layers of tiles… Lights cast shadows, tiles are individually shaded by each light… Keep in mind, these pictures are achieved using 3 test tile textures, (brick, empty frame, and whole color)

Hmm, Is this the project you spoke of @monopalle ? At present the most I could possibly contribute might be some music files but honestly I have no idea how to use Git and frankly I much prefer to stay away from it… and the music would be auto-generated with input from my choosing the instruments… need to install that software again :stuck_out_tongue:

But I will keep track of this thread in the mean time…

I could perhaps make some seamless textures? along with bump maps etc…


Thats the spirit! tiles are 64 * 64…

Sprites will also be implemented, if you have ideas that don’t ‘tile’ well.
Including terrain-sprites, which cause collision.

Good to know

Still new to 2D stuff, always been a 3D dev…

ok, what I mean is, say you want to put a tree in the game. a big old 200*350 2d image.

That kind of thing will be in the game. aka, you can just hand-draw the graphics.

You dont ‘HAVE’ to worry about making tile sets if you dont want.

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O, ok, personally I prefer 256x448 etc.

Any size will do! I can always stick several together in a spritesheet if dimensions become a concern.

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