2 spritefonts?!?! Help!

I love fonts and typography. This is a screen cap of my new game (in MonoGame):

I thought I understood how MonoGame uses fonts, but then I just discovered that I’ve been creating two different kinds of spritefonts. One produces:

  <Asset Type="Graphics:FontDescription">

and the other:

  <Asset Type="Graphics:LocalizedFontDescription">

and sometimes I can find and edit the spritefont xml from VS 2020 and sometimes I can’t. And sometimes, I get this error:

And the only way I can fix it is to delete the spritefont and guess again.

So, could somebody please tell me definitively what kind of spritefont I should ALWAYS use, and what causes this weird error (and the font can, and will, display all the characters)?

Thanks! And sorry for being such a newb. I wish I had switched my game to MonoGame 3 years ago instead of WPF. Terrible mistake. Sigh

I don’t know what the difference is but I went through and checked all my spritefonts I used in my own game. They were all Graphics:FontDescription type.

From the name, Graphics:LocalizedFontDescription, I figured that perhaps this might have something to do with translations. I googled and found the doc here…


You might want to read up on that, or google around, for more information. If you’re not interested in translations at all, perhaps try just using Graphics:FontDescription across the board and see if you have any issues?