2D Camera problems

This is from a newbie so please be kind: I am having a problem with the 2D camera. I am working through the 2D game tutorial at http://pixelnest.io/tutorials/2d-game-unity/ and the camera does not show the actual game area. (see photo 1);

This is the game screen:

but as you can see from the camera preview nothing shows.??
can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong?
According to the tutorial the screen should look like this:

I have followed the tutorial very closely and the camera settings are these:

Is this a Unity question?

Yes. In following this tutorial in Unity 2017 I encountered this problem and I cannot figure out why the camera preview and/or the game view is not showing the sprites at all. (see images above).

This forum is for MonoGame, not Unity.


Lol!!! Waiting for a someone asking here something about UE4 and cryengine… :imp:


I am acquainted with UE4 and cryengine, but I THOUGHT that since in unity, using Visual Studio, that the game framework WAS a monogame since you have to use their librarys. Guess I was wrong and Monogame is a stand-alone dev ide.

Please elaborate these connections…

Oh, MONO? I think I see your confusion… Unity Uses Mono right?, even if not, still, that is a very different slice of cake…

I avoid Unity with a passion.

I feel like you didn’t get a proper answer so I’ll try to clarify your confusion a little :slight_smile:

Unity uses Mono for its C# scripting, which is a C# development platform (http://www.mono-project.com/docs/about-mono/), which I guess is why you confused it with MonoGame.
But MonoGame is unrelated to Unity in any way. MG is a re-implementation of the old XNA API (originally designed by Microsoft).

Both Unity and MonoGame are used to make games, but they are two different species.

MonoGame is a C# framework (eg 100% coding and total freedom), while Unity is a game engine with C# scripting (eg visual editor, a lot of out-of-the-box features, little coding, but much less freedom).

Personally I prefer MG over Unity, but if you’re not an experienced dev and you are not interesting in delving into the programming world, maybe Unity is not such a bad choice for you.

Anyway you might find better answers here:


No worries, you’re not the first one to make this mistake :slight_smile:

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