2D games


I want to make 2D games only with monogame.
What classes are essential for this or what things I need to learn?


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I recommend you a couse called " MonoGame: Introduction to C# Game Programming ", it’s available at a very reasonable price on Udemy. Also, knowing the fundamentals of programming and C# are always good before going to game development at once.

You will need to install monogame framework and use it with visual studio. When you create a project for your first game, it will already bring the things you need to get started with your project if you use monogame template in visual studio.

Also it’s posible to find a lot of things in internet for free, like on youtube.

Good luck and have fun! =]

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Hunt for anything with XNA in the title.

Happy Hunting!

if you are using zooming and vector graphics , i would look at Aether.Physics2D/Samples/NewSamples/Demos at master · tainicom/Aether.Physics2D · GitHub its maintained, should build and run. even if you are doing a pixel art kind of thing on differnet screen sizes, u definitey need to learn cameras and collision w at least some phyics and scaling to different screen size its all in there in debugview. well , u can alwasy protoptye on one platfrom then move the code to the shared dll steup, later if u want to target mutlipe platfroms, after the game starts to take shape.

if you need UI extensions or some advance ui stuff, id check Myra , i would look at Nez too just for bits and pieces. but Nez has diverged from the normal monogame by quite a bit. its a collection of monogame extended stuff and lots of other good stuff…

You don’t need to learn that much, MonoGame is very thin compared to Unity, for example. I’d suggest you earn as you go. I’d recommend you to start with these tutorials:

And then try to extend the functionality yourself, and whenever you get stuck, then do a bit of googling for the MonoGame solution to the problem

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