2D Map with Perlin noise

Hey guys im completely new to Monogame and c# i now learned a little bit of coding now and my question is how can i make a map like this project has?: playdwell.com the developer of their project told me they use perlin noise to make a random generated does anyone know how i can do that cause what i am trying to make is a top down view survival game 2d pls someone help me!!

Here is a link that you may find helpful…


Thx bro ill have a look

I’m working on a game which uses OpenSimplex noise rather than Perlin noise to randomly generate 2D map due to OpenSimplex generating less artifacts.

Currently I’m using this library to generate noise map, with this article being my inspiration for it. The article also explains how the noise is used, but to summarize, you take a value produced from noise and, depending on value generated, you put a terrain feature there of your choosing (for example height, biome, whatever you designate it for).

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Ah, a fellow user of OpenSimplexNoise. I see the gist’s been updated 2 days ago and my copy is 8 months old, but there are a few things you should be aware of when using opensimplexnoise (I’m using the 2D methods in these examples):

  • Distribution isn’t from -1 to 1 - It’s from (give or take) -0.86 to 0.86. Can be easily solved by adjusting NORM2D.
  • Distribution also isn’t even (left<->right: -1 to 1; vertical: chance of value returning). Unfortunately I don’t know of an easy fix for this other than manually adjusting for it. By e.g. realizing that 20% won’t be -1 to -0.6 but instead perhaps something like -1 to -0.35. Not a huge problem considering you’ll always need finetuning so it looks/feels right but good to know, at least.

Feel free to read my discussion on this.

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Finally got to normal Internet connection X)

Thanks for the warning, I was wondering why I was rarely getting some cases when I set the thresholds below -0.8 and above 0.8 when discretizing output from 2D methods (when generating temperature map to decide on biomes).

As for uneven distribution, as you said, I’m (or people in general) often fine tuning it manually for better look/feel anyway so it isn’t such an issue.

In any case, thanks for the heads up, now I know what to watch out for if things become strange.