2D or 3D?

This is a mock up of the game I’ve been working on (more details here):

Even though there’s a drop shadow on the units, I’m pretty sure I can do this completely in 2D (not 3D). Also, I would like some animation for the arrows. But, again, I think that’s just 2D.

Does it look like I can do this in 2D?

Yeah, that looks 2-D to me. I don’t think you would have any problems just using SpriteBatch for that.


Did you take a look at my follow-up question for getting Visual Studio and my DLLs working? How do I bring them in to the solution? Again, thanks.

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If the DLLs in question are .NET (C#) generated DLLs (no native code shenanigans) then this should help:


If the DLLs in question are native libraries (native code shenanigans) then you will have to look into this:


Hope this helps

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Yup native code DLLS. .NET 6.0 Framework 2.1. Is that good for MonoGame?

It should be fine. Just remember that native DLLs only work for the platform they were compiled for, so your windows native DLLs wont work on say Linux (if cross platform is a concern for you).

There was a time I had to do Atari ST, Amiga, C64, Apple //e, Apple IIGS, Macintosh, and MSDOS ports. Not any more. I just want this Windows version finished!