3.8/Android - SoundEffect creation crashing on certain devices

After moving to 3.8, certain Android devices fail in several ways when trying to create SoundEffect objects.

Either it fails with
System.DllNotFoundException: Couldn’t initialize OpenAL because the native binaries couldn’t be found

The most common devices impacted are:
MediaPad T3 7 (Android 6.0)
Y5 2017 (Android 6.0)
KFKAWI (Android 7.1.2)

As I’m using this in production of a pretty popular game, this is a pretty big deal for me.

Any suggestions?

The Galaxy Note 4 (6.0.1) and the TabS 10.5 (6.0.1) are also impacted.

It seems all devices are either running Android 6.0. or 7.1.

I’ve created an issue on github