3.8 Bitmapfont There was an error with the load.

Here’s one mistake.
I don’t know where to get it right.
plz help me.

Can the content pipeline build a *.fnt file?

Cannot build .fnt file
3.7 It works.
I don’t know where to get it right.!

Picture here.

So, are you saying that MG 3.7 CAN import a *.fnt file, but now you have moved to 3.8 it can’t? Then this must be a bug and I suggest you raise an issue.

I have nver tried to import a *.fnt file before, what type off asset does it become after import, I am guessing a SpriteFont?

Why do you need to use an *.fnt file? Why can’t you use a regular font?

Thank you for your answer.
I’ll try again.
I’m going to use pixel fonts in pixel games.

No worries, hope you sort it.

I managed to use fonts in a remake of Gyruss I did, was a reguar TT font, but I wrote a shader to help pixelate the color on the font it’s self. I used a regular font though, didn’t need to use *.fnt files :slight_smile:

Here are a few pics of the font (not the title, but the other text) I did in a tweet.

Thank you.
I tried the old method that has been successfully shown in the window.
However, is the use of the 3.7 content pipeline.dll.
Let me try your way to make a new font.
Thank you again.

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