3D collision vectors

Hi folks.

I’m currently working in a sand pit carefully digging around the cat poo! I’m looking for examples of 3D collision escape vectors, my searches either return huge, over the top mathematical stuff, loads of 2D collision examples or problems with Bounding Boxes.

I have my Bounding Spheres working, I found a collision routine by Mr Whitaker which was very useful, but the escape vectors I’m finding illusive.

I really need a simple code example, it’s the fastest way I learn. If anyone has anything they would share I’d be very appreciative.

many thanks.

I’m looking for examples of 3D collision escape vectors

Im not familiar with the term escape vectors in regards to collision.
A google search doesn’t really turn up anything on it.
Do you mean a normalized vector ? or a surface normal maybe ?

Posting a link to the specific web page your looking at would be helpful.

Unfortunately all but basic collision detection can require some decent amount of math.
Never think its over the top though.
You have the code to do what you need to or you do not.
Pretty much every formula you can think of can be googled and found in code though.

The most important thing is asking a specific question that can be answered specifically.
if the question is vague or hard to comprehend or the terms used un-common as well as the specifics of the problem is un-described… Then so to will be the answer you get.

Do you mean minimum translation vector when you say escape vector?