3D Modeling in linux

Do anyone know good alternative to milkshape 3d, fragmotion, wings3d programs in ubuntu 18.04 or 18.10?? And not blender??

Milkshape is good, why not just use it?

Blender ?

here is a list i found in about 2 seconds with google.

@MrValentine in LINUX…

@willmotil Blender do not work well with basic directx formats…

Am I missing something here?

@MrValentine .x format exports fu*d up models. .fbx format fus up model position when I rotate model. Not sure why, but that happens. I think it has something todo with bones. So if you know how to solve it I would be happy. And other formats basicly do not work in pipeline…

I like fragmotion in windows. It does not fu** up models and exports .x files really well, but it does not work in linux for me.

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Have you tried starting simple, exporting and then seeing if it is the model mesh design that is an issue?

No need for such language btw, there are young ones on here too.

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It has something to do with mesh.ParentBone.Transform.
I basically do not use bones for simple models.
Does it use model origin or it adds bone at exportation of .fbx?

Looks like its problem with bones.
I made bone at 0 0 0 position and applied it to mesh with other program and now its in perfect position.

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Did you do it on Blender???

Nope. I used fragmotion for that. Its kind of buggy on wine, but at last its easy to use. Not sure how other people work with bones on blender. Blender is really lame in that realm.

I guess blending bones is not going to work :joy:

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Ok, thanks. I will try it