3d Physics + Monogame + Visual Basic

Hi folks.

First, I do realise I’ve posted questions related to physics and engines and VB before, but I’ve not asked this question straight out. Plus, I can’t remember what I titled the threads so now I can’t find them. We could really do with a proper advanced search, that’s another matter.

So, does anyone know of a 3D physics engine that works with Monogame using Visual Basic?

I’ve spoken with the Bepu people, who say it’s possible but would take a lot of work, none of the really pro people seems to offer a pathway through VB which I understand, but VB is picking up popularity again, shame. Never Mind.

My other option is to start writing a mesh collision class, which again is possible but would be a lot of work. Going back to all my school day trig lessons doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy, and building and recursing hierarchy trees might just finish me off! But I suppose at the end there would be something that worked.

I really don’t want to leave Monogame, I find the structures really intuitive, it may not be the most blindingly fast, but it has a lot of positives. And I’m too old to start learning the intricacies of another high level language, my white brain matter isn’t as white as it used to be!!

I’m willing to try anything that doesn’t take up huge amounts of time, I’m not overly sure how much I’ve got left!! However, if any of you have any clever ideas how I might bend some boundaries I’m willing to give it a go.

Over to you folks. (Smiley face)

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