3D Printed MG Logo

Not the right color of orange, but still pretty awesome :slight_smile: It is actually a bit darker orange than it appears in this photo though.

STL: MonoGame Logo by Kelsam - Thingiverse


Awesome! :grin:

Do you printed it by yourself? It looks pretty smooth.

Feel free to share your setup / printer with us.

I did. My printer setup is nothing special, just a Tronxy X5SA Pro. I achieved the smooth face by printing the logo upside down, so the face was printed as the bottom layer on the print bed. Once thingiverse lets me log in, I will post the STL :slight_smile:

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Interesting. Thanks for the information :+1:

I’m wondering if it’s possible to create a LED-Lamp out of it. Regarding the transparency of the material.

Hrm. Not sure about a lamp, in terms of actually illuminating a room. At least not with PLA. You could certainly make one that glows. I did something similar with the power indicator light on this mini arcade cabinet I designed. The logo is printed with just a couple layers, while the actual “wall” of the part is about 4mm thick. I then put some LEDs behind it so when the power is turned on the logo shines through. So, you could do something like that, but to have one be an actual lamp, you’d probably need to experiment with some very bright LEDs and a different material like semi-transparent orange TPU or some such.

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That’s amazing! I love 3D printers!