3D Scene Builder Editor

I haven’t posted here yet my current project, I’m building a 3D scene builder editor using MonoGame, I build it to create a FPS game with editor, but I’m just on the early stage, the project started only this january ^_^y

January progress

February progress

Done all GUI for visual texture content management, all animated texture can be easily applied to anything, model, quad, billboard, particles and other entities and it also include XNB texture exporter.

So far all most of Assimp mesh file type for static non-animated model can be drag and drop and rendered successfully, but for animated model I still need to covert it MS3D file type, but most of FBX file converted MS3D works like charm so far : - D



Interesting project!

I already found this on your Twitter channel and i’m also curious how this turns out in the future.

Much fun and luck to you bro :wink:

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Thanks man! By using Bepu physics and my NetLib hopefully we can shoot each other this year : - D

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I’m totally down! :smiley: :sunglasses:

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Applying Animated Sprite on any game object entities, Creation of 2.5D Game genre is a breeze by applying the animated texture on a plane or billboard and will be affected the scene lights automagically or apply any custom effects ^_^y

Cheer ^_^y