4 years of Troubles and Uncertainty and Now I feel like using Monogame to make my Dream Game but should I?

I had the most vague and troubled times in the past 4 years. I know I am not allowed to tell you my story or personal life which I am not since it is a drag. I will just get to the point.

I am right now in a condition where I cannot move out of my house much. This will continue for about 6 months to 2 years.

I have always wanted to start making my Dream Game titled “TickTonic”. But never had the chance but now I do. However, I cannot wrap my head around whether to use Monogame as the framework behind my dream game or not.

Oh by the way I tried out unity, unreal, godot, gamemaker, gdevelop and someother…
But for some reason they do not teach me enough and give me enough flexibility. Or maybe that is just me being lazy or something

I have already made some prototypes in all game engines and so far monogame seems suitable. I think this has to do with its limited features which forces me to use specific techniques unlike big engines that have tens of way to approach a mechanic.

Why Monogame you may ask? Well… Lets just say I have some sort of gutty feeling about it being the right choice.

Please provide with any sort of reply as it can really be helpful
thank you!


Do what you feel is right for you and whatever happen, it is just a lesson learned good or bad.

In my case, I tried Unity and other engines, but there is simply one thing I miss in all engines that I hate so much that I won’t be able to use any engine at all, and that is the edit and continue feature while in debug mode, if I cannot use it, my game development crawls so much, so I gave up any engine for that reason, maybe I am missing something but I was never able to edit my code while playing the game without having to re-start it after changing some code, while in Monogame I can do a lot and test / modify / add / remove code on the fly and test all possibilities and that makes it very flexible and fits my style of programming.

Good luck!


MonoGame has always worked for me, but I’ve not tried any other frameworks. As a programmer doing game dev in my spare time it fits with the way I think about programming.

I’ve also done game dev when things in life were out of my control and not great. It was a wonderful escape and helped me get through till the life things faded and mostly resolved themselves. I did get overly excited about my game though and was pretty sure it was going to do really well. When it didn’t I was pretty disappointed, and I later wished that I’d just taken more personal satisfaction in making a game that I really loved.


MonoGame grants a few things other options do not.

– Learning almost everything [And if you dig into the source code, everything, almost]

– Ownership of deployed products, you own 100% of what you earn [Do visit the support page to make a donation, when you can afford to]

– Forcing you to think logically instead of vague sliders, or whatever…

– Learning and understanding how everything fits together to enable you to optimise as you learn, leading to valuable improvements on each project launched…

– Plethora of dwindling knowledge across the web, as well as historic content in physical books from your local library, or bookstore, or thrift store… [I own pretty much all of the relevant to MG one’s]

– I had more to say here but I started getting distracted while writing this so, that happens a lot…

– Awesome community to boot :boot:, hop over to the discord servers if you are up for it [Someone link it, as I have no clue how Discord works really, unless that link worked…]

And if not already said to you,

Hi @Kinzero, Welcome to the Community!

Happy Coding!