A Color Grading / Correction Filter for you to use [on github] 

Hi guys,

it’s me again with another filter for you guys to use.

I thought about what a lot of indie devs on Monogame could use and I think “Color Grading” is definitely a very cool thing to have - especially useful for pixel art games and 2d games in general, which cannot easily change lighting for all the textures.

I went ahead and implemented it into an old gamejam. The integration went really quick and I spent around 5 minutes or so fiddling around with the color values in photoshop.

So here it goes:

I’ve made a color grading filter along with a sample solution which includes several still images, a small “game” and a bunch of random filters I’ve made.

For detailed instructions and information, check out the readme on the GitHub.

Hope you find this useful :slight_smile:


I’ve written a bit about the topic here: https://kosmonautblog.wordpress.com/2017/04/26/color-grading-correction/

Plus, I’ve added more LUT options and corrected a range error on the LUTs, so should you use this filter, be sure to load the newest version for better results.


Nice, useful shader! And interesting read to go with it :slight_smile:
I keep thinking it would be great to have a node-based tool for creating MG shaders to go with all the shaders and useful snippets you’ve shared with the community!

I found a little typo in the blog post: “If we move a little down to 32 values it looks like this (it’s not a
square any more since the square of 32 is not an integer number)”


A small update:

Since I got a mail from someone who uses my color grading who asked if I can help with setting up a smooth transition between 2 different grading modes I set up a new branch here:

In this sample you can move the mouse to see the smooth transition between the 2 luts. It is a RGB transitition though!