A game I made for school

I didn’t have a plan for this game but I wanted to use three things on it, Monogame, Monogame.Extended, and Farseer. I knew next to nothing about Farseer, the available documents didn’t help much, and I had a basic understanding of Monogame from the online resources. There was no script for what kind of game I wanted to make so I just built the game around Farseer. Every time I found a new feature I added it to the game. This was my exam and during it my instructor said that it looks like Asteroids, I’ve never heard of it. The game is not aesthetically appealing to look at (I’m no graphics designer), the textures were “borrowed” from the google image searches.

I passed my exam got a score of 19/20. All the source code is on GitHub including with some pictures. I haven’t written an instructions page, not yet, but you can look at the source code for the keybinds under each level. Feel free to fork it or do whatever with it, I don’t have any immediate plans for it. I might come back to it but I can’t spare the time right now.

P.S. There was one thing that I couldn’t get working and that’s slicing the textures into pieces when the entities were destroyed. I kind of cheated on this and used the Farseer debug mode for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.P.S. Thanks to @craftworkgames for Monogame.Extended and Farseer.Portable NuGet Packages.P.

That’s really cool man. Congratulations on passing your exam with such a great score.

I might clean this up and make an official MonoGame.Extended demo out of it sometime in the future.