A Guide on Command Line MonoGame

Hey everyone! I have been very reliant on the MonoGame community recently and I’ve just had a bit of a breakthrough so wanted to note down my learnings in case it helps someone else.

I have been very reliant on Visual Studio for MonoGame, and recently I switched to Linux so had to find an alternative. I found that alternative in Rider, but I wanted to go one step further and release myself from my dependence on an IDE. I wanted the freedom to code anywhere and a greater understanding of what was going on under the hood with .NET. So I managed to rebuild my game using the command line to produce the simplest, cleanest setup possible for a game that utilises a shared engine library and things like shaders. I achieved this today and it took so much research that I thought I’d try and write a guide to help others avoid the pain!

So here it is - a guide on how to work with MonoGame outside of an IDE. I hope it’s of use to someone.