A Monogame Isometric Project - Melkhior's Mansion

Hi All,

I’ve been developing a retro styled isometric game for the last couple of years called Melkhior’s Mansion. It’s a tribute to Ultimate Play The Game’s old ZX Spectrum games after starting out life as an isometric remake of Atic Atic, but becoming more than that as the project has progressed.

The current version uses Monogame 3.7, but I will be looking to upgrade to 3.8 when I come to port to other platforms.

The game is based on an isometric engine that I’ve been developing since the XNA days. It’s quite mature now and maybe one day I’ll look to release it as an isometric library.

Trailer video

Playable demo and links to dev news

Hope you like it.




You can embed videos…

Hi @Richard_Jordan and finally, Welcome to the Community!

Happy Coding!


Ahh, thanks for the tip. :laughing:

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Nice to see you here :wink:

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come on, remake Klass of 99 as isometric when you finish it! :wink:

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Haha! An isometric school game has entered my head on several occasions, and quickly been forced out. :crazy_face:

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Great job! Just out of interest what tools / framework(s) etc. did you use to build the ZX Spectrum version? Thanks :grinning: PS: well done for keeping a Development log - I keep meaning to do this but never do…!!

Oh the Spectrum version isn’t me, that’s way beyond my skills. Pop your question on here… Melkhior’s Mansion by Bob’s Stuff (itch.io) :wink:

Thanks Richard - I have popped my question into the itch.io thread.

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