A personal question

Hey guys! I’m new here, but glad to join the community!

So, a personal question for some of you guys, if you may. When working whether on personal work, or business, or both, do you like to use a specific work PC or Laptop? Or, do you work from the same station that you game on, just a bit curious, as I’m attempting to reorganize how I do things!


My desktop computer is pretty much where I want to be at all times. On a nice comfy chair.

Not to say I’m a shut in, but still. I’ll work on a laptop, but it’s harder to relax and get into a good workflow for me.

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I NEVER play games on my desktop machine, that is for writing games only and all the many terrabytes of storage I have are dedicated to that.

I may occasionally play a game on my laptop, but that is very rare.Generally I use it for working on my own games rather than games I am working on for money.

Games are played on the Xbox or PS4 , when I have the time.

I never play games on my Mac either thinking about it.

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I have 3 Hard drive on a single PC On and Off depends on what I wanted to do : )

First is for my business apps development
// VF,VS,Db apps,SQL,

Second is for my Gaming
// Games only and emulators : )

Third is for GameDev :
// VS, Unity,MG,Unreal,Cry, Etc… and Graphics application

It will be chaotic for me if I put everything on one drive :smile:


Thanks guys for your inputs so far! Its honestly really interesting to see what everyone does for organization and their development environment. I look forward to hearing more input, everyone welcome to tell how they organize and how they work!


I have everything for development on one machine with windows 10 and also games installed there although I don’t have that much time to play. And additionally a Linux machine.

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I’m a PC guy. I like comfortable keyboards, big external displays (2 of them) and even though you can connect these to a laptop, there is still the performance and heating issue with laptops. It’s great to have a portable machine in case of travel and such, but nothing beats a powerful PC with comfortable setup (desk, chair, monitors, etc).

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I work on two different systems. One is a desktop system, which is also a pretty good gaming system. The other…is different. That one is a Surface Pro 7 with a pair of external 27" monitors. I do development on that one because I can take it with me. Yeah, I don’t take the monitors, and developing on a small screen isn’t great…but when I say I take it with me, that has included a 1000 mile bike ride, and will include another of perhaps the same length or longer, in a few months. Coding in a tent: It’s an experience.


I use a 50 in 4k LG OLED tv and a PC box extra fans , mouse and mechanical keyboard. The oled got burned in already with some of my tools and it dims annoyingly but 50 in is plenty and cheaper than a pc monitor that’s much smaller… I hate working on laptop .but for being away I got a surface studio.laptop with the pen, and as a debugger, the pen is promising to inspect variables and make edits even in tablet mode .also if ur code is in a net standard dll and can run on multiple platforms, u can test phone app touch features on the PC touch screen before u try them on the phone, or emulator which is still way too slow…I put a complaint to Microsoft because pen support needs attention in dev studio 2022, lil things like select and drag and drop don’t work like in notepad

For work I have a separate laptop with VPN and all that. Any game dev takes place as my private project and I run it on my gaming laptop which is more than decent. Also, I use a macbook air to test the mac versions of my game.

In my case, it all revolves around a desk that I designed and also built (so you’ll probably understand why the imperfections) that acts as a central place for it all. Inside the desk I have my gaming laptop and there’s a whole lot of wiring you cannot see that allows me to connect the laptop to the monitors or tv. Also, above the monitors, behind the doors, among other stuff, I have my XBox 360, PS4 and other consoles that have their own power and also cables. By using the same infrastructure, I am able to relay either of those to either monitor or TV (which is on the wall to the left of my desk).

This has the advantage of allowing me to quickly become mobile if I want, but I can also keep the desktop feel to it (and the wood feels fantastic).
The most important part of it all in my opinion is lighting. In this situation, I have discrete lighting behind the monitors for which I can turn down intensity from buttons on the right side. Also, for extra lighting I have two black and very portable LED lamps that you can only see one of in this picture.

However, as it involves code and coding, whatever I do, I backup monthly on M Discs, cloud and other places. Testing I do on some other PC laptops I have and virtual machines and I have also a friend that has some equipment and helps me with testing. 95% of issues I catch immediately when running the game on a clean install of Windows, so I recommend that.

Oh, the thin door you see there, holding the keyboard in one of the pictures is easily detatchable, and the purpose of that is allowing me to place the gaming wheel on.

Maybe a bit of overengineering, but hey… I was really getting bored sitting mostly in the house due to this pandeminc, so I said, it’s worth it. :smiley:

Hope this inspires you, if you’re looking for something like this.

One Win10 desktop PC to rule them all running 24x7

Just a friendly reminder to all - never use a laptop or PC you got from your job for private projects, even if you only do it in weekends.

In most (if not all) contracts, everything you produce on your work equipment belongs to your employer. So all the ip and rights for the project won’t be yours.

Ofc no sane company would sue you out if your hobby project (maybe unless it turns into minecraft… ) but still, having your own project legally belonging to someone else kinda sucks.

And also I find it kinda shady to use work computer for private project but maybe that’s just me.


Win 10 desktop + Macbook Pro 2021, perfectly happy with this setup (although with iOS and mac I faced some surprising issues I never encountered on Windows). I used to develop on my company laptop before I got my mac (it was allowed), but I hated that HP machine. Mostly I prefer working on desktop PC (because of the desk space, 2 big monitors, performance, etc), but I also like just to sit in the living room with my girlfriend and my dog and code there while taking, etc. rather than isolating in the other room with the PC.

One 6 core windows 10 machine with 3060 graphics card for general game development.
One 20 core windows 10 machine with 2080 for Unreal development (you need lot’s of cores even if it clocks slower)
One mini PC to remote into my office machine for day job
One windows 10 laptop for evening work, 6 core with a 1080 for my own stuff
One iMac for ios work when needed
And two raspberry pi’s for fun.

I have a big office