About the MonoGame.Extended Category

Discussion about the MonoGame.Extended extension library.

MonoGame.Extended is an open source extension library for MonoGame. It is a collection of classes and extension methods to make it easier to make games with MonoGame. It makes MonoGame more awesome.

You can find the project at https://github.com/craftworkgames/MonoGame.Extended.

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Thanks @Tom for the introduction to the library and setting up this category on the MonoGame community forums. I really appreciate it.

I started the MonoGame.Extended project last year. There’s still a lot to do but I think we’ve made a pretty good start on it. I hope to see more MonoGamer’s using the library as it grows into something awesome.

MonoGame does a really great job of porting XNA to other platforms. However, XNA (and subsequently MonoGame) has always been a fairly low level framework compared with other game frameworks like LibGDX. In a way MonoGame.Extended is a bit like MonoGame and LibGDX had a baby.

Anyway, welcome everyone to the Extended forums. I’ll be keeping an eye on the topics here as often as possible so please post your questions, thoughts and screenshots! :smile: