Access to AudioBuffer to apply effects to existing audio

Is there any way to access to the audio buffer to post process the audio, for example to create a low pass filter, echo, reverb, eq, etc?


var effect = Engine.Assets.Load<SoundEffect> ("jump");            
SoundEffectInstance soundFxInstance = effect.CreateInstance();
soundFxInstance.SetProcessBlock (ProcessBlock);

void ProcessBlock (ref AudioBuffer audiobuffer) {


Interesting. I have not seen this topic discussed before, I have only seen people do pure playback, no effects… But didn’t microsoft actually have something for this back in the days of xna? Maybe worth it to check xna documentation…

There are some effects you can apply but are very limited with XACT, the other option is to use DynamicSoundEffect but I haven’t tried that yet.

Maybe this can help.