Access to bounding box editor in Tiled map with Extended.Tiled?

I’m looking to add pixel-perfect collision for some tiles. For example, I have a tree split across 6 tiles, and I would like the mark the trunk as solid while allowing the branches to draw on top of the player on another layer as they pass over. Doing AABB boxing per tile is not precise enough, and leads to unexpected obstructions.

Tiled comes bundled with a sprite editor, and inside you can draw custom bounding boxes/polygons on a pixel-perfect basis. I’d like to get access to this data from within Extended.Tiled so I can use it to detect collisions. I haven’t seen anything in the API or in the community, so I wanted to check before I modify it. Is this supported or on the roadmap? If not, is the project open to PRs?


Two things:

  1. Using a convex shape like a polygon is not “pixel-perfect”. Are your intentions to have an approximation using a shape for collision which can be aribtarly positioned, or use “pixel-perfect” collision itself?
  2. Collisions are not well done / thought out in MonoGame.Extended. You are better to roll your own for convex polygons using a SAT or GJK algorithm, or pick up a physics library like Velcro (