Accessing the mobile devices Camera

I want to create a small mobile app that will invoke the mobile camera so that the player can take his/her photo, and then upload the photo to the mobile device. Then once the phot has been uploaded I need to resize it and save it on the mobile device used to take the photo. Does anyone have any ideas on this?

If this cannot be done in Monogame then possibly another tool like .NET Maui???

MG doesn’t have built-in functionality for this (nor should it, imho). Add <UseMauiEssentials>true</UseMauiEssentials> to your .csproj, then:

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Hey Kelsam, do you mean for me to add <UseMauiEssentials>true</UseMauiEssentials> to my monogame .csproj file? I wouldn’t think so, since you just said MG doesn’t have built in functionality for that.


I do actually, assuming you’re wanting to have MAUI functionality in your MG app, that is. If this is all your app does (take a pic, save a pic), and doesn’t have a game or whatever else as part of it as well, then it’d be simpler to just make a MAUI app directly without MG.

Find the camera app on your Android device. It is usually represented by a camera icon and can be found on your sign language alphabet home screen, app drawer or quick settings menu. Tap on the camera app to open it . If this is your first time using the camera app, you may be prompted to grant permission to use the camera.The post claims it works on Android from 4.0 and iPhone OS6 and newer, and on testing it works on modern versions of both.