Add a new windows

Hello ! I’m looking for a way to add a tchat in my game.

I do not know how to do it. A bit like Minecraft or have it spoken with everyone, and I would also like to type commands in this tchat to modify things in the code.

I was told that it was necessary to have a second monogamous window,
I do not know if it’s like that, I was also told that it can be a console window like the windows console that we embed in the game.

Can you help me to get better. Thanks
Sorry for my english; I am French

Game consoles are not usually created opening a second window, they’re just rendered over the default MonoGame window.

There are some open source projects here that do what you’re trying to do:

They’re pure XNA though (I mean not converted to MonoGame) and you might have to modify some code in order to make it work, specially if they’re not XNA 4.

You could use the UI from @Discosultan’s quake-console:
It is MIT licensed :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much ! I look at this

check JJagg’s link first: It’s ready for MonoGame without changes, and the license is probably better.