Add C++ language support to MonoGame and also develop C#

Hello, I want to say that it’s time to add to the framework
MonoGame support for C++ and extend its functionality to DirectX 12
At least I’m not talking about DirectX12_2 Ultimate, I want to say that the user has a choice in which language to write in C# or C++, that’s all.
And I also want the world to have three engines for writing games - these are
MonoGame, Unity, Unreal Engine
Thank you, it was Sergey

Hi, Segaja,

Search for DirectXTK & DirectXTK12, It’s a library very close to the XNA structure and functionality.
Also look for DirectXTex, DirectXMesh, DirectXMath, etc at Microsoft · GitHub

Everything that you told me to find, I found all the libraries for DirectX 12,
so everything was found what you told me.
We must define strictly which libraries to include and the namespace.
Regards, Segeja

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