add structured buffer support for monogame directx branch

i have made a character animation und morph system with extended use of realtime bone driven blendshapes.

In my test solution i work with slimDX so structured buffers are no problem

No i studied the monogame Code have stuck.

  • In the monogame Framework i could not find an object that could give me a reference to the underlying sharpdx effect object. My intention was just like working in sharpdx communicate directly with the effect object to set the structured buffer as shader resource view

  • in the source code of 2MGFX i find, that the compiled shader, that is loaded in afterwards in the content pipeline is altogether different from the .fxo file that i would get when using fxc hlsl compilation tool. A monogame header is produced and the shader text source is analysed.
    Then the output shader is populated with Vertexshader, Pixelshader und parameters of constantbuffers and so on

  • i tried to extend the code similar to the texture2d object which also is a shader resource view but i could not exactly understand the code, because the monogame framework must also be extended in the propriate way

Who can give me a hint how the monogame framework / 2mgfx is best changed.

Of course this would be only valid für directx branches.

greeting from betty in germany