Add templates for Visual Studio Mac

Yupp I am also able to run existing application. Actualy I am in learning phase for mono game & thought of starting from zero.

well i’m kinda screwed cause i removed XS from my mac a time ago, and now you can’t download XS anymore :frowning: So since this template isn’t working yet i can’t use monogame for now on my mac :frowning:

It’s just the template. If you can get it in another way or create a project and add the dependencies yourself it’s fine. A future version of MonoGame will have a standalone project generator.

well i found out that you still can download XS via the site of monodevelop. so yeah create a project in XS and open it with VS works. so yeey :smiley:


I updated the Template creator for VSForMac 7.0.1. You should see “MonoDevelop.MonoGame.Templates” v0.3 now in the Gallery.

It should fix the issue reported earlier, the addin was missing some template files. But it will still have bugs no doubt since its still a work in progress. I really need to commit the code so others can contribute.

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Anyone having luck with the new template for 7.0.1? I just installed VSForMac and MonoGame but the project creation doesn’t finish (dialog just hangs).

Same thing as joshr here. When I create a new DesktopGL project, the dialog box doesn’t close itself and when I click Cancel, no files are generated in the solution.

Weird. Sorry guys, there must be a bug somewhere :confused:

ok the latest version 0.6 , desktop GL should generate.
But it does expect to be using the latest develop I think. since it looks for the .dylib/.so files in the $(MonoGameInstallDirectory).

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Thanks @dellis1972 this appears to have fixed the template generator hanging. Should the Android platform be selectable at this point or is that still a TODO? I don’t have the Java dependencies installed so that could very well be a problem on my end.

Hmm, that looks like a bug. Only DesktopGL should be available atm. UWP should defiantly be disabled…
I’ll fix it. But at least its kinda working now. :slight_smile:

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at the moment i only get a empty project :confused: maybe i am doing something wrong? selecting only desktop, no code sharing and local/nuget?

Hey I’m running visual studio for mac, kinda new to the mac environment, I have installed mono develop, and monogame, yet I don’t see the template for monogame in visual studio. I have enabled the alpha channel and it does not appear. Any assistance would be grand!

Have you solve your problem ?

No I have not as of yet :frowning:

the add-in used to be there for me but now its gone :confused: for now just use monodevelop/xamarin studio to code with monogame until the add-in is back and fully functional.

Any update on this? I don’t necessarily need I on my Mac until the new year but to know they’re at least working on it would be good :slight_smile:

I also have this issue, can’t find the extension on alpha channel on mac. Would hate to lug around both pc laptop AND macbook, so would love it if i could get a solution (even if its just a temporary one)

you can use monodevelop for monogame on mac. there you still have the correct add-in that is fully functional.

Same here. Android and MacOS platform are not checkable.