Adding android as a target

I am fairly new to monogame and am currently working on my first game.

I created my game project as a windows / opengl target.

I want to also be able to compile and test on Android as i am working on it.

Can someone explain how i can modify my project to support multiple targets / platforms?

I plan on also testing on Mac and Linux at some point as well… So pointers for that would also be great.


Since I answered a similar question yesterday, just so I don’t repeat myself:

That’s great! Thanks for the detailed steps.

So the shared project has to be created using Xamarin Studio, or can it also be done via VS?

Great, thanks for point this out @harry-cpp, I’m just looking into windows version only (since that is all I have for now) but was curious myself about ports.

It has to be created with Xamarin Studio, that is you could create it with VS, but you would need to edit shproj by hand, doubt you will like that. On the bright side you only need XS for that first step, the rest can be done with VS.

Thanks for the quick response! I’ll use Xamarin Studio to create and then switch back to VS.