Adding Ogg Soundeffect support to Android

I still feel like using a compressed format for soundeffect is better than Wav in certain games where reproduction speed is not a key factor ( a good compressed ogg can be 10% or less the size of a Wav).
It seems like there are a few examples on how to do this directly with Mono / c# like this:

How do you feel about it?

You’re going to be spending a lot of CPU time doing decompression for each sound effect instance that is currently playing. Considering some games may have 16, 24 or more sound effect instances playing at the same time, that will be that same number of concurrent ogg decompressions happening at the same time.

Compression for sound effects is usually handled as ADPCM, either IMA or MS, which is around 25% the size of the full uncompressed PCM version. This is either working now or will be in the near future.

Unfortunately not all situations are the same, in my case i end up having even 500 sound files and i only need to play them one or at most two at the same time, with reproduction speed not being the most important thing at all.

Using 41k mono wav file as an example:
From my tests ogg compression with ffmpeg at quality 2 gives an impressive 90% compression ratio vs Wav.
Testing the monogame pipeline WITHOUT compression enabled gave me 0% compression ratio vs Wav.
Testing the monogame pipeline WITH compression gave me 5% if not less compression ratio.

I think i will revive the good old soundpool approach into a Pipeline Extension dll and see if i can manage to get ogg files back into business… The ogg decoder might be a little out of the interest of the monogame project atm.