Adding reference to new ContentPipeline Extension not adding it to the *.mgcb

Hi all,

Again, this could be me being a bit daft, but when I add my conent pipeline extension to a project, it does not update the *.mgcb file, I have had to do this manually…


I had to put both these refs in here for the tool to be able to see them…

Have I missed a trick here, I am sure MG use to do this (3.6 at least), but seems 3.8 no longer does unless I have done something silly with my installation??? Or has it never done it and I have just forgotten that I had to do this with earlier versions?


In the mgcb-editor bottom left (scrolling all the way down) I remember there was the possibility to add references… Don’t know if this is still there and in this place in current versions, since rarely using this functionality myself. Hope this is what you are looking for?

Not sure what you mean, if you mean the pipeline tool, I can’t see anywhere to add references in that…

I also noticed, if I set a category for my pipeline variables, this is no longet used. It may never have been in MonoGame, but XNA use to do it I know that.


It also seems to not take the default values I set either.

Yes I meant the pipeline tool which is now renamed to mgcb-editor if I got it right. Hmm sorry thought it was there somewhere… :thinking::thought_balloon:

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Did you try to select the root node?

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Don’t appologise :slight_smile: thanks for giving me something to try :smiley:

Ah HA!

Yes, I can see it now, thank you, you are a star :smiley:

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