AdMob Reward Ad Error


I’ve managed to get Reward Ads working in a basic Android app (Not monogame). But when I ported the code into my monogame code, I get the following errors:

[Ads] Fail to instantiate adapter

[Ads] Failed to load ad: 3

It doesn’t crash, but it won’t even load the test ad, even if I set up a test device.

Essentially my implmentation is:

RewardedVideoAd = MobileAds.GetRewardedVideoAdInstance(Game.Activity);
RewardAdListener = new RewardAdListener();
RewardedVideoAd.RewardedVideoAdListener = RewardAdListener;

Followed by:

public void ShowRewardVideo()
if (RewardedVideoAd.IsLoaded)

I’ve done some searching and people mention setting up the screen as responsive, although I can’t find this setting. Has anyone had any luck with any of this?