After 1 week of development, Big Sister 1st demo is available to download :)

Hi guys :smiley: TLDR: Decided to bring a project from 2012 to life and 1 week later, just released the first testing demo.

Big Sister is a game about a girl named Nyna, who goes after the kidnappers of his brother, Luke. She has a strong personality and it’s ready to beat the hell out of those bastards!

(Big Sister by Ivan Dionízio)

And as this is the very first demo, I’d like to share some thoughts about why I decided to do this so early:

  • As a proof Big Sister is indeed a game and it is in development.
  • To test what’s available for now: Moving in the 4 directions, Punching when pressing Space and their respective animations.
  • And also when she’s doing nothing, activating the idle animation. So, animations must display and behave correctly.
  • To test if she won’t be able to move outside the screen or going up to the wall
  • As it’s a multi-platform release, if it’s working on every OS.

Now for the limitations:

  • It only supports resolutions from 1080p and up for now.
  • If your native resolution is higher than 1080p, don’t worry, game boots in windowed mode, so you can play itfine.
  • If your native resolution is 1080p, just press " F " to toggle fullscreen.
  • If your native resolution is lower than 1080p, I’m working on different resolutions, so support is coming in the next weeks.

As game is evolving I simply just wanted to share my work with you guys since the beginning. My plan is to release a new demo (with new things) every week. So keep an eye on the website: Big Sister by Ivan Dionízio

Big Sister is available for testing play on Mac, Linux and Windows, so feel free to download and giving me some feedback! :smiley:


Post a YouTube video…


Will do that asap. Thanks for the tip :facepunch:

Should call this, Week1Demo [W1D] EDIT or 1WD? OWD? OneWeekDemo?

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I like the concept and art design! It reminds me of both Comix Zone and Streets of Rage. Though if I may suggest something, I think Nyna should have a thicker outline, to set her apart from the background more. She seems to blend in with it at the moment.

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Hey, glad you’re enjoying it! :smiley: I definitely love thick outlines in characters and it’s been in consideration to be added in the near future, yes. As we’re in week 2 now, there are lot to be improved. 1st week focused on creating this basic interaction between Nyna and the stage. Now on week 2 I’m improving her previous animations and create a poor enemy to get her/his ass beat (planning to add/link combos). Thank you for your suggestion :smiley:

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So, I’m 3 days late, but I got to release the Week #2 Demo! :smiley: See what’s new:

  • New sprites/animations of Nyna;
  • She can now make combos (total of 3), by hitting Z repeatdly, from weakest to strongest punch.
  • Meet the one who loves to be punched by you: Palliaciño! It will react to all your different punches!
  • Also try out the practice stage!
  • Game supports windowed mode for resolutions up from 1080p and full screen on 1080p resolutions ONLY (press F when gaming)

The newest demo is available for Mac, Linux and Windows on Big Sister page: Big Sister by Ivan Dionízio

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