Alienated 2 [Android]

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About two weeks ago i heard that xamarin is free for small studios and lone developers.
That was the moment i decided to port my best xna game to android.
Couple of years ago, me and my artist friend decided to try our hands at mobile game making.
Since C# was the language i was most proficient in and windows phone just relased we decided to go that route counting that it will be easy to get noticed because there was lack of apps on this new and emerging platform.
Since i was a kid i always loved survival top-down shooters and always wanted to make one myself. We decided on this type of game. About 3 to 4 months later we created our firs game Alienated.
Some time after release game received something
like 20 k downloads of free version 20 of paid one and mixed revies. We expected
results like that since it was our first game. After that we made a few games and
one and half year later we decided to make the second iteration of our first game to
see how much our skills improved. We put our all into this project which took 6 months
of our free time. The game that we created makes as proud to this day. After publishing
it, Alienated 2 received really good user reviews which averange something above 4.5 stars and
close to 300k overall downloads of free version, unfortunately even though people
really liked the free version the paid one got only about 80 downloads.
Here is a little picture showing our improvement over different iterations of Alienated.

It showcases the third iteration which is not yet done but from what i can see it is
shaping to be the best game in its genre. I wont talk more about it here since it’s not made
in monogame. Back on the topic Alienated 2 is a survival top down shooter with rpg elements.
What distinguishes our game from others of its type are rpg elements and attention to detail.
There is a huge selection of guns which different rarity levels some of which are
really special and only obdainable by defiting bosses. Oh and the game contains zombies too.
Here are some screens of said game.

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