All my work is lost. What can I do now?

This happened the second time. I give my hours and days to draw pictures, to write codes, to dream about what will be next and this monogame I dont how it does it but -the second time- stole all my game. Deleted all the codes and all the images even from the root folders. And the audios also. This is the second time I loose all.

This happens while adding some work on pipeline. And even without asking anything, and no chance to take back all the work it deletes everything.

And this, made me think about getting rid of this very useful but madly behaving program. I really feel too bad now.

Anyone had similar problem? Is there anyway to solve this? or I ll uninstall the whole visual studio

I recommend you use source control to backup your work.


will it save all what I do in monogame? and how canI use it? thanks for the reply

You were adding content to the pipeline tool and it deleted everything? There was previously an issue where if you linked content from outside the content folder there would be situations where deleting the content could cause other files and folders to be deleted.

Terminology is important, as is describing the exact steps that led to this. What version of MonoGame are you using as well?

The deletion of files outside the content project folder was fixed in PR #5820.

Rule #1 for every developer, always save your work before doing anything, + at the start of every programming session and move the saves on another drive

4.7.02046 … you say its possible! I got my lesson, I ll save the copies somewhere else. I was injecting a new image to pipeline (as Im used to and always do), then in pipeline file table some new file trees opened itself and next to all my images, audios and scripts there was a red X sign. I quit there without saving to see if they could remain back.
Then I opened pipeline again to see that it was empty. There I copied all my codes to a text program ( I rescued them)
After quiting the program, I found out that all the images, sounds, folders (that were in game folder) were deleted. Even the program was gone. The folder was empty.
Thank you for the information you shared with me.

OKy you are right. I already stopped complainig, began the same project again, and saving copies. Thanks for the reply

4.7.02046? What version number is that for? That’s not any version number for MonoGame.

I said it had been an issue when linked content was deleted (pressing the Delete key) in the Pipeline Tool and the linked content existed outside of the content folder, not when adding content. There is no call to File.Delete anywhere in the code path when adding content files to the project.

What was the exact process you used to add the files to the content project?

I highly recommend using, they have pretty decent client program and if I’m not mistaken 5 free private repos and unlimited private repos for 7$/month.

They also provide pretty good web dashboard (where you can do things like releases, manage branches, tickets, view files etc) and overall are super easy for people who are new to git / source control.

Another alternative is bitbucket, but they are much less user-friendly and I wouldn’t recommend them for new users, and git lab which I’m not too familiar with but should be pretty similar to github.

Its really important to learn how to use source control and it sounds like a good time for you to get into it. Just be sure you open a private repo if you don’t want anyone seeing your code.

PS. MonoGame itself is hosted on github:

Visual studio online provides git hosting for free.
changed my life

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Where are hosted the sources… :slight_smile:

@Bulent_Gozen the most recent version (dev branch) is only 3.7.815

Okey, you are right. The image was from another folder and this happened when I deleted it. I m very careful about this after now. Thanks for the great help

You can also host your sources locally so you have local and remote repository on same machine. Personally I create the version control as first thing for every project. I commit often and if I do something stupid development-wise I just revert few versions back. Saved my life lots of times :slight_smile:

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Same here. Even for stuff that I don’t push to a remote, I often think version control is invaluable.

Just deleted a branch (GIT) and brought my program back this way.
Invaluable when refactoring and re-writing lots of code (restructuring)… If something goes wrong, just ‘rewind’…
Can’t remember what we did without those tools back then :slight_smile:

If you have an external drive or another drive other than C:, you could simply use Windows File History as the most basic form of reverting versions of files and folders…

There are more options available software wise, as well as source control.

I agree with Mr. Valentine.

I use Subversion on my own server. However, if you do not have a server, you can use Mercurial to store your versioned files on a portable hard drive.

Here is the link…

Mercurial is completely free… :relaxed:

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Thanks SNaidamast. I will check that site.

PSA: i lost a bunch of work to this, referenced some files in a new monogame project from an outside directory and lost a ton of work from the other project that was not source controlled. after many tears i am here now to let you all know that this is still fairly easily to do by accident. it shouldnt “delete” the files just put them to the recycle bin. I even tried to use a data recovery software to scrub the page files and was only able to recover a single file that wasnt of much use. My new project IS source controlled so i dont need the lecture.