All my work is lost. What can I do now?

Visual studio online provides git hosting for free.
changed my life

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Where are hosted the sources… :slight_smile:

@Bulent_Gozen the most recent version (dev branch) is only 3.7.815

Okey, you are right. The image was from another folder and this happened when I deleted it. I m very careful about this after now. Thanks for the great help

You can also host your sources locally so you have local and remote repository on same machine. Personally I create the version control as first thing for every project. I commit often and if I do something stupid development-wise I just revert few versions back. Saved my life lots of times :slight_smile:

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Same here. Even for stuff that I don’t push to a remote, I often think version control is invaluable.

Just deleted a branch (GIT) and brought my program back this way.
Invaluable when refactoring and re-writing lots of code (restructuring)… If something goes wrong, just ‘rewind’…
Can’t remember what we did without those tools back then :slight_smile:

If you have an external drive or another drive other than C:, you could simply use Windows File History as the most basic form of reverting versions of files and folders…

There are more options available software wise, as well as source control.

I agree with Mr. Valentine.

I use Subversion on my own server. However, if you do not have a server, you can use Mercurial to store your versioned files on a portable hard drive.

Here is the link…

Mercurial is completely free… :relaxed:

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Thanks SNaidamast. I will check that site.

PSA: i lost a bunch of work to this, referenced some files in a new monogame project from an outside directory and lost a ton of work from the other project that was not source controlled. after many tears i am here now to let you all know that this is still fairly easily to do by accident. it shouldnt “delete” the files just put them to the recycle bin. I even tried to use a data recovery software to scrub the page files and was only able to recover a single file that wasnt of much use. My new project IS source controlled so i dont need the lecture.

You’re still not backing up, so you do need the lecture… :wink:


Just buy a 64GB USB-C stick and copy to that regularly…

I had the same problem once…

though since I use Git I could simply reclone the project and barely lost anything

was also a bit shocked, I m new to monogame and experimented with the content pipeline, accidently added an already existing file from another folder to the content pipeline…
it made a reference to that other folder, I deleted it and the whole project was gone^^
(didnt see that “exclude” was also an option and thought delete would do the same^^)

Me… I don’t need any source control : - D any significant changes I made, I right click the main folder [send to] [Compressed (zipped folder] add date to the zip file… the cool thing about Visual Studio is you can zip the main folder even while your working on the project.

Ahhh… there’s my backup

That isn’t nearly as nice as version control though. With VCS you can see what changes you’ve made, revert particular changes, collaborate with others, branch, easy cloud backup…


Nyaha exactly Sir Jjagg… but No worries… it’s just my poormans solo dev source control LOL … I just want to express it’s a simple thing to backup the work through zipping the working folder :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Yep this is precisely what I did… finally almost done redoing several days worth of work :joy:

Gitlab still does private repos if “I have no dollars and I don’t want to share” matters.

It was originally supposed to be an early adopter only feature but it seems to still be active.

Yea, I think Bitbucket also has private as the free default state for your repository, only GitHub makes stuff public unless you pay (or request privat repositories as a student) ;D

I recommend using Gitlab for hosting - 10 gig LFS enabled private repositories, awesome web interface with all the features you need (kanban/issues etc).

To op - learn Git, learn it for good, and from now on start any project with creating a repository for it.
Also learn LFS its a git addition that tracks big assets (images, sounds) which changed git from “code optimized” to “gamedev optimized”.

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I just found a 5 years old bug. And I know the one to point the blame to. You don’t get that with a backup :joy:

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