Alpha Blitz on iOS and Android

I was curious to see if I could develop and release a game from scratch in a week or less on both iOS and Android, using MonoGame. I managed it (give or take a few hours) and you can download it now FREE on Google Play and the App Store

All you have to do is type the alphabet, from A-Z as quickly as you can. Not a huge amount of depth but it’s a nice little time-waster and can get pretty addictive as you squeeze just a little bit more speed each time you play.


I downloaded the game and gave it a try. The game has potential, especially for being done over a weekend. However, I would love to see a game mode with all cards showing their letters, and you just gonna tap them in the right order - that would make the game more of a challenge!

I rated your game 5/5 on the Swedish app store :wink:

Hey Philip, thanks for that, much appreciated.

The very first version of the game was similar to what you described but I changed it so it was a bit easier for kids and people that weren’t so good at typing. I guess the challenge is finding different typing techniques to increase your speed (HINT: You can slide your finger across letters, eg. JKL).

My best is currently 3.2 secs on an iPhone 4. Not sure if a tablet would make it easier or harder :smiley: